International Shopping & Shipping: Don't Get Left Behind

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We all have faith in the product we sell and want to make sure every customer has a smooth, hassle free buying experience. As online shopping around the world continues to grow, some companies may not come along for the ride if they don't learn how to get their product out of the United States and into shoppers hands internationally as well.

Online International Shopping Continues to Grow 

Sales from foreign countries continue to increase in the global marketplace with China, the U.K., Germany, and India leading the way internationally in online purchases. Continuing to market to these buyers is important so that American companies can continue to stay relevant and competitive in today's global economy. So far one European study even points to growing international shopping as more e-shoppers in the EU are buying from outside their own country.

The popularity of online retail has blown up as Cyber Monday reached 3.45 billion in sales in 2016 and is set to continue with another record breaking year in 2017 and the phenomenon is one with global reach.

Getting left behind with growth trends like this all over the world surely devastates companies that can't adequately meet the growing demand for international products. These sellers need to come prepared with shipping services and payment options that match those needs.

Deliver Your Best No Matter Where It Goes 

To keep costs down and keep profit margins high, what does your company do to make sure its shipping successfully around the world? How are you ensuring your packages are shipping to buyers efficiently and on time? Trying to run your business is complicated enough without dealing with the changing laws and customs of each country where your buyers live.

Making sure your customer experiences a fast, easy, and cost efficient buying process from start to finish often becomes the difference between a return buyer and a buyer who never returns. When shipping internationally it can be easy to make a mistake if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing.

Expensive shipping costs cause buyers to search for another place to buy the same shirt, movie, or video game and never return back to your website. Find out the best way to ship internationally to your buyers and you may find better domestic shipping solutions too.


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