How Are You Reaching Americans Abroad?

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Over the last year the number of students studying abroad grew 2.9 percent according to NAFSA (the largest international education and exchange program), but they aren't the only group of people living abroad and buying products in the United States.

People from the United States of all walks of life and all ages find more and more reason to find a home internationally whether temporary or permanent. These people are still consumers and counting them out could mean counting out huge opportunities in the global and e-commerce marketplaces.

Business or Pleasure? More Americans are Abroad

Millennials in general travel more than Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers ever did, but all three groups increased the amount they traveled last year. In the "How America Travels Study" conducted by the American Society of Travel Agents researchers also found that millennial men also travel more for work than ever before. Perhaps this points to the huge desire for Wi-fi when traveling as over 50 percent of participants said it "plays a big role" in their destination decision.

Not only travelers, but more and more retirees move abroad. Whether for travel, or financial purposes in just five years the number of United States retirees abroad rose 17 percent according to CBS Money Watch.

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