Parcel Forwarding Services That Work

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As an international customer, you need parcel forwarding services that work. However, when dealing with the shipping, many companies charge an arm and a leg. When it comes to shipping internationally it becomes even worse, if they even do it at all. QuickShip and our parcel forwarding services make the entire process easier by receiving and sending your packages as quickly and safely as possible.

HMHShip parcel forwarding services start at $7.25 and insures you receive your package exactly the way it was intended. With so many shipping horror stories out there, choosing the forwarding services isn't a decision to take lightly and doing it efficiently and effectively is important.

Getting started shipping with HMHShip 

As simple as clicking our QuickShip link, you'll begin saving yourself time and hassle. No membership sign-up required means you don't need to pay any extra fees or expenses if you want to simply send one parcel. If you're forwarding multiple packages or bulk parcels, we offer free parcel consolidation and re-packaging to save on excessive shipping costs. We have our shipping calculator to help estimate the exact cost for you to send them.

If you do want to set-up an account using our forwarding services becomes even easier; just one click. No setup or monthly fee whatsoever.

Knowing the size of the parcel your forwarding ahead of time is always helpful. Dimensions and weight help us give you a more accurate estimate of the cost to ship, and expedite the process once it's received. If you're not sure, that's okay too. Once the package is received we'll get all the information and get started with forwarding.

As always, any of our package and mail forwarding services are always available and most come free of charge. Choose to insure, consolidate, expedite, or repack your parcel and add any details or information necessary to ensure safe and sound delivery.

Parcel Forwarding Services Done Right

Next time you're in need of parcel forwarding services look no further than HMHShip and make sure it's done right. Shopping and shipping internationally is a pain as a consumer and a retailer. If you're forwarding services aren't working for you then we'll show you how it's done right.


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