Package Forwarding Services: Improving the Online Shopping Experience

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The online shopping trend has led to the demise of strip malls and the rise of superpowers like Amazon, eBay, and Buying online from companies like these sometimes means buying from a third party or an international company and, with that comes a host of issues. Package forwarding services for online shopping provide some of the solutions consumers are desperately looking for.

Cyber Monday brought in $110 million more than Black Friday in 2016 hitting $2.29 billion in sales and is expected to continue to grow. While Mondays are generally awful, this online shopping extravaganza, in particular, provides huge profits for businesses and major deals for consumers all over the world.

The amount of revenue generated on just Cyber Monday is great, but according to Fortune Magazine shoppers now make over 50% of their purchases via online shopping throughout the year.

Online shopping isn't limited to the United States either. The United Kingdom, China, Norway, Finland, South Korea and others rank higher than the U.S. in the percentage of e-commerce sales versus total retail sales. Given the size of the international marketplace, buying online is more popular than ever around the world. By having reliable package forwarding services for online shopping, consumers and businesses alike are now able to buy internationally, online.

Where Things Get Difficult 

Online shopping has innumerable benefits and advantages, but challenges do exist when purchasing internationally. Many limitations around location, taxes, and customs prevent or make online shopping more difficult.

Trying to make an online purchase from the U.S. and ship to an international country comes with challenges depending on where you are. In many cases, a country may not allow products in or may have outrageous taxes and shipping costs associated with receiving a simple package from the United States.

On the reverse side of the coin, some U.S. based companies don't ship to certain locations around the world. Some businesses don't accept international credit cards. This is where a package forwarding service for online shopping can play a major role in saving time and money and make online shopping and shipping internationally a breeze.

Not Just Package Forwarding Services

Finding cost efficient ways of shopping and shipping online and internationally presents no easy task. Many places require you to sign-up for services or charge monthly fees in addition to the fees associated with each forwarded package.

With HMHShip packages are forwarded safely and without a sign-up cost. Parcel consolidation allows individuals to make multiple purchases shipped to an individual HMHShip address, have them combined and then sent out as a single package.

AssistUS Shopper may be the single most important service offered for shopping internationally, however. If you ever have trouble with international online shipping, HMHShip will shop for you. Online shopping made easy by shopping on your behalf and then shipping directly to you wherever you are in the world.

Simple shipping solutions can make online shopping even easier. This multi-billion dollar worldwide marketplace relies on logistical solutions to everyday shipping needs and so does the consumer.


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