Travel Is Changing and so is International Forwarding

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Its vacation season and more and more people are traveling and moving around the world. If you've ever traveled around the world for an extended period of time you know packing everything you need for the whole trip can be difficult.

Even with international trip planning services it can be tough to forward your mail and packages to where they need to be. Two weeks in Sydney may require a bathing suit, but not your ski equipment for your weeklong stay in Nepal next month.

Blame the Millennials

This may sound like a trivial problem, but more and more people are taking extended stays overseas for vacation, work, and school. A growing trend among international travel shows more extended stays where – those darned Millennials – are stopping in multiple countries on extended backpacking-styled trips using travel services.

Traveling to multiple countries for any reason is a fun and exciting experience that comes with unique challenges along each step of the journey. Finding a place to stay and how you're getting from location to location is often the easiest part besides finding a place to eat.

Some countries allow or disallow certain products, and some countries have general limitations around where you can ship from. Conversely, many United States companies only selectively ship internationally meaning you may have trouble getting goodies for home or even necessities for your next stop.

Even finding a mail forwarding service can be a challenge. If you're constantly changing where you're staying, keeping your mail forwarding to where you are isn't easy.

How can HMHShip make this easier?

Features like QUICKSHIP allow you to send packages internationally with HMHShip without signing up for an account or paying a monthly fee for the service. And with the option to store your parcel for up to 90 days, you can pick when and where to have something shipped to you. So pack your bathing suit and ship your skis when you're ready.

Get your HMHShip address to send packages to and then we'll forward them to wherever you are, whenever you want them.

International travel increases each year and reached 1.184 billion arrivals in 2015. Globally speaking this points to greater tourism numbers for much of Europe, Asia, and the United States, but this also indicates major growth in international business.

These increases in international travel and the new ways people are traveling require changes in the ways we ship. Finding the most cost effective and efficient methods of shipping and package forwarding can make all the difference in the public and private sectors.

Whether you're traveling internationally for business or pleasure, let HMHShip introduce you to the new age of international shipping services and mail forwarding.

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