Shipping Horror Stories


As October comes around, and Halloween approaches, it's always fun to recount some bad shipping stories and there are plenty to be heard. From lost packages to receiving packages you never wanted to receive in your life, there's a shipping nightmare for everyone. A quick google search for shipping horror stories quickly leads to finding almost anything you can imagine.

Below we've given a compilation of some of our (least) favorites.

Bundling orders. It just makes sense 

"I'm an idiot who cannot figure out how to bundle orders. Because of this, I had two separate packages ship from the SAME store on the SAME date.

One arrived over a week ago. The second one is supposedly going to be delivered today. I don't even understand how there is over A WEEK of delay for two packages shipped from the same location at the same time, but to add insult to injury, USPS changed the second package from "delayed" to "On Time". NO IT ISN'T USPS. IT ISN'T EVEN CLOSE." - surly_elk

Know your East and West

"Story 1: So, I apparently live in some sort of shipping service black hole. It took me almost two years to get USPS, UPS and FedEx to start actually delivering packages to me. My mailing address is, let's say, "100 E Anywhere Blvd". There is also a "100 W Anywhere Road" in my city. Guess where every package I ordered for the first ~year I lived here was delivered? Seriously, every. single. package. To make this even more frustrating, the "100 W Anywhere Road" address is actually the leasing office of an apartment complex, so FedEx and UPS would usually just automatically send packages back to the sender because their shipping label was "missing the apartment number" (causing me to have to pay double shipping in a few cases, which FedEx/UPS never reimbursed me for). Tangent: I also cannot order pizza for delivery, because the driver will call me angrily to ask me "which apartment is mine" after I've been sure to include the cross streets (and usually the words "NOT AN APARTMENT") with my order" - vanityclaire

International shipping isn't easy on your own 

"- The day of scheduled pick-up, they were a no-show. We had to chase them down (they had already been paid via wire-transfer). They rescheduled to pick up the day before our flight out of the country. It was chaos.

- Our goods sat in the New Jersey port for several weeks... The reason was they required $500 for a change of address fee. They had our goods scheduled to ship to Dublin, UK, rather than Dublin, Ireland. All paperwork, all correspondence, stated Dublin, Ireland. They said someone on their end had entered UK and we were still to pay for their mistake. We did, because essentially our goods were being held hostage.

- Two months ago our goods arrived in Rotterdam... It took a week to get a response and then we were charged $230 for x-ray fees. (At this point we realize anytime we contact them, we are slammed with another charge and also find out our goods have been parked somewhere.) We pay the fee.

- Goods sit in Rotterdam two months.

- Goods arrive on Tuesday. All seems well. Until we open my daughter's piano keyboard case. The piano had been stolen. We were told it was below our insurance deductible and no one is responsible. Also my daughter’s jewelry boxes.

-  I probably would have been more inclined to leave almost everything in storage had I known what a headache/cost it would be, but with three children, that was tough to do. And I would have better researched the shipping company (a task left to my husband and he chose based on the salesperson's persistence, as he assumed that would be a reflection of decent customer service... it was obviously not the case)." (Continued from a second post regarding the same story.)

- Megan C

Avoid having bad shipping stories of your own

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