Staying Competitive in a Global Marketplace

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As international retail sales increase year over year, making sure your business is ready to ship overseas is more important than ever. To improve international shipping expenses for global e-commerce can be difficult and there are a couple primary challenges that online retailers should be aware of when thinking about growing their business for the future.

Complex Challenges to Improve International Retail 

Depending on the product, the type of consumer seeking it, and the shipping destination for the product, companies must first develop a web of relationships and contacts. To learn about the differences in each industry and marketplace takes a lot of time and research and when your business is on the line it must be done right.

Understanding Your Marketplace

Different countries and cultures shop in very different ways and knowing the best marketplaces for your product is important to improving sales. More consumers are buying cross-border so know which countries are buying your product most and how to get it in front of that country's consumers becomes even more key.

According to a Pitney Bowes research study, online shoppers in the U.K., India and China had the highest rates for using mobile devices for their purchases. With that said, it's vital to make sure your website is user friendly as a mobile site as well, especially in those areas of the globe with various ways for buyers internationally to make purchases.

Maximizing Relationships and Minimizing Barriers

From country to country export laws, shipping regulations, taxes and even delivery services create barriers to delivering your product for the least expense and at the highest level of efficiency. Simplifying shipping can simplify the entire process of opening your doors to international consumers all over the world.

International shipping and package forwarding companies are becoming the new way for small businesses to navigate the specific challenges around these country to country nuances. More and more companies are turning to these networks rather than larger bulk shipping services offered by companies like that can be more expensive and less reliable.

Knowing how to choose the target marketplace to sell your product while keeping your shipping efficient and low-cost allow you to get a jump start forward on international sales and help you get off on the right foot.

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