Quickship Services: Quickly and Easily Ship Your Packages All Around the World

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Why Pay Monthly? 

In a subscription based marketplace, it’s commonplace to find a monthly fee is associated with just about anything. It's not just subscribing to magazines, Netflix or Amazon Prime, but even for things like razors, there exists multiple subscription based companies.

For some services this model makes sense, saves money and delivers a more personalized service or product, but to ship your packages, you only want to pay for the packages you're sending.

HMHShip never requires you to set up an account or pay a monthly subscription fee for some very simple reasons. The goal is always to safely and efficiently ensure you can quickly ship or receive packages all over the world at the lowest cost possible to you.

With HMHShip's Quickship feature, the solution to shipping packages becomes much more accessible than you may think.


Quickly Ship Your Packages Worldwide

HMHShip’s Quickship takes minimal time to get the maximum value by allowing the user to quickly ship internationally without a lengthy sign-up process or expensive monthly subscription fees. With a few simple steps you'll be one step closer to your packages.

  • Personal Information

As simple as filling out your name, address and a way to contact you, the first step gets you started so we have the information we need to make sure we ship and deliver your packages as smoothly as possible.

  • Additional Options

Sending more than one package, but want to do it as simply as possible? Need insurance on the packages you're sending or need it expedited? Here's where you'll be able to add each service with the click of a button.

  • Package Details

Give us a little information about how many packages you plan to send and what the sizes are. This helps us determine how much we can save you to ship and combine packages, or repack if requested.

  • Shipping Rates

We'll show you the best available options to rapidly get your package from point A to point B and show you prices and estimated delivery dates for each option.

  • Payment Options

We only charge $7.25 per package initially for a handling fee. Once your package is received and measured we'll provide you with the estimated cost to ship based on the information you provide. Whether you'd like to receive a bill or would rather use PayPal, we've got you covered.

  • Your U.S. Address

The last step. Just let us know your address outside the United States and you'll be set and ready to ship with HMHShip’s Quickship.

Take advantage of the safety and simplicity of our options and ship internationally with HMHShip’s package and mail forwarding services. Quickship makes it easier than ever to get your package where you need it to go!


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