Your HMHShip Account: International Shipping Made Simple

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If you're in need of a consistent, reliable and efficient international shipping company for parcel forwarding, you're not alone. Setting up an HMHShip account provides you with multiple ways to make international shipping easier for your company. Even if you have specific preferences on carrier, we'll help you expand and sell worldwide, while you save time and money.

The benefits of your company's HMHShip account 

If your company already has an account with DHL, UPS, USPS, or FedEx, simply enter the account information and we'll make that your default, but that can change at any time.

Relationships with these companies and others around the world help us ship to over 200 countries, making it easier to get your product to your customer quicker.

With your account we offer monthly plans based on how many packages you plan to ship. As your volume increases and your company grows, upgrade your plan whenever you’re ready and we'll make sure you're not missing out on any opportunities.

The most important part 

Maybe one of the most overlooked issues with shipping internationally comes from dealing with customs and laws regarding certain products. As we’ve discussed previously, this is especially true for companies shipping medical and dental supplies. Legal limitations tend to make business difficult.

Having the proper supply lines for your cargo and maintaining an understanding of the always changing regulations around the world is crucial to making sure your shipment gets to the proper location. Paperwork errors and incorrect labeling or product information lead to delays and added costs. Since we take care of that for your company, you don't have to worry about it.

Once you provide the details on your products and where your shipment's final destination is, we do the rest to make sure the proper documents are drafted. At no extra cost to you, we prepare all the paperwork necessary for shipping. We'll find any and all required information and allow you to rest easy knowing your products will arrive safe and on time.

Different solutions for different needs

Businesses and individuals all over the world need competitive shipping services to send and receive goods of all kinds. The QuickShip option offers a one-time shipping solution, but setting up an HMHShip account provides for even better pricing and a more efficient shipping solution.


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