What is International Package Forwarding?

 What is International Package Forwarding?

International package forwarding is the solution to the lack of affordable international shipping or the lack of international shipping entirely. Many U.S. businesses charge a high cost, flat-rate to ship internationally and some do not offer international shipping at all because it is not worth the hassle or the time. The package forwarding service industry is a fast-growing global movement that aims to empower online shoppers to freely access and purchase from any web store and ship it worldwide. With a virtual US address, it will make it just as easy as shipping to any home address. The international shopper can have items shipped to their unique US mailing address without paying for overpriced shipping and handling fees. From there, the package forwarder will keep your package(s) and wait for your specific international shipping instructions.  

Having a free US address with a package forwarding service can benefit everyone. Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual online shopper, this service can help save valuable time and money. Many small businesses operate on a tight budget; hence, they are always looking for ways to minimize expenses such as high shipping fees in order to increase their profits and maximize their potential growth. Accessing the US market or shopping at US web stores is often a more affordable solution than shopping elsewhere because the US market offers a wider range of retailers which amount to more competitive pricing. By giving overseas business the ability to shop from the U.S. allows small businesses to operate at maximum efficiency. The same applies to the individual consumer who may be looking to access the U.S. market and expand the number of web stores available at their fingertips.

Some of the leaders in the package-forwarding service offer additional shipping and handling options such as package storage which allows you to keep your items in their warehouse until you are ready to ship, repacking which minimizes space and the weight of your packages, and even package consolidation which allows you to ship all of your packages in one box. Package consolidation, in particular, can save you both time and money. Package consolidation is when the package forwarder re-packs multiple packages into one box, making it easier to track your items on their way to you. This will also save you quite a bit of money on shipping fees compared to shipping you're packages individually.

When you sign up for a free virtual address at HMHShip, you will have complete access to all of these shipping handlings and options at no additional charge. With HMHShip's superior customer service, you can freely request any of these additional services such as package storage, repacking, consolidation, and photos of the items in your own US mailing address. With all of these customizable amenities, it will ease your shopping experience by saving you time and money.