How To Get Your Mail And Creature Comforts Even When Abroad

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In 2016, 43 percent of employed Americans did some of their work remotely.

With the recent rise of freelance and remote work, the opportunities for extended periods of traveling abroad are greater than ever. You can hop between cities, take long working vacations, teach English in another country - you name it.

However, with all that travel, it helps to have a sense of home with a few creature comforts - especially if you're in school or working a lot.

Whether you're already living and working abroad, or planning to in the future, this guide will help you learn how you can get mail and other necessities delivered no matter where you are.

There's no need to struggle while living far from "home" - with this list, you can feel comfortable no matter where you're at.

1. Use a Mail Forwarding Service

A great mail forwarding service can become like your own private mailroom, no matter where you live.

A good mail or parcel forwarding service comes with perks like customer support in case you need it, as well as the assurance that your packages will get where they're going.

It's faster and less expensive than you might expect, so check out a mail forwarding service if you order a lot of things online, or expect to get a lot of mail while out of the country.

2. Use Your Network

With the advent of sites like Couchsurfing, which connects travelers with locals who are willing to host them, it is easier to grow your network in other countries than ever before.

If you have friends or friendly hosts in the area, ask them if they're willing to help you out by letting you use their address to receive mail.

Don't forget about all the other creature comforts your local friends can offer, too. If they suggest taking a day to show you around their city, let them! It can be a fun and eye-opening experience for both of you.

When your host offers you coffee or dinner, accept (within reason). Many people truly love hosting and enjoy seeing you have a good time. Just be sure to pay them back with a nice gift or an evening out when you can.

Remember to pay it forward when you get back to the States, if possible. If you had a great and educational host while living abroad, you'll feel good about doing the same for an international traveler back home.

3. Talk to Customer Service for Your Favorite Creature Comforts

If you want to order from your favorite stores while living abroad, but aren't sure if you can, give their customer service department a call.

Chances are good that you aren't the first person to ask about this. Their representatives will probably be able to walk you through every step you need to take to order from them. And if you have a mail forwarding service to help you out, even better!

Final Thoughts

Living abroad is more accessible now than ever before.

In the past, many people associated long periods of travel with leaving creature comforts behind. However, in the modern world, you can easily get your mail and everything you need, no matter where you're at.

Want to learn more about getting your mail delivered to you anywhere around the world? Talk to us - we're here to help.

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