4 Unbelievably Simple Business Growth Hacking Strategies

Business growth hacking strategies

Every business owner dreams of growth that ensures an excellent and sustained profit.

Good news, everyone! Expanding your business doesn't require years of tortuous effort. You can spur fast growth without pouring vast sums of money into advertising.  What you need is a set of simple growth hacking strategies.

More good news. Here are four of the best growth strategies for fast business expansion.

Let's go!

1. Referral Programs

It's hard to find a more effective growth tool than a regular stream of referrals. In fact, high-growth companies view referrals as one of the most effective growth tools.

When a lead comes your way through traditional advertising or marketing, they start from a position of low-trust. All they know about you is what you claim in your marketing. You must build up their trust over time.

A lead by way of referral, however, starts off at a higher level of trust. You get the benefit of the doubt because the lead trusts the person who made the referral. 

If you don't use a formal referral program, start one.

2. Automation

Automation improves efficiency. It formalizes routine processes and takes them off employees' plates. Every routine task your employees avoid leaves them free for more meaning, growth-oriented tasks.

For example, customer relationship management software automates customer data consolidation.

That means your employees spend their time resolving problems or answer questions, not tracking down info. That makes for happier customers.

Many CRM software packages also automate marketing to your existing customers. You can use it to schedule email campaigns that feed customers marketing material for months. Automation drives ongoing sales with little to no extra effort from employees.

3. Parcel Forwarding

Many businesses avoid international sales because international shipping is very complex. Different countries apply different parcel shipping rules.

The costs can prove unpredictable depending on order size.

Delivery is not a guarantee in every country.

A parcel forwarding service solves many of these problems. While you must know what you can legally sell in a given country, the parcel forwarding company handles the logistics.

You ship your packages to the parcel forwarding company. You pay them a flat rate and shipping charges. They take on the hassles of actually getting the package into your customers' hands.

4. Content Marketing

You can't grow if your business never gets on anyone's radar. Content marketing gets you on people's radars. 

Search engines love quality content. If you develop a body of excellent blog posts, articles, podcasts, or videos, it'll drive customers your way through several channels.

You get the traffic boost from several areas, including:

  • search engine results
  • social sharing
  • native search results in video streaming/podcasting application

These traffic sources become powerful lead generation tools that help drive growth.

Parting Thoughts on Growth Hacking Strategies

Growth hacking strategies help expand your business fast without driving you into bankruptcy.

Referral programs accomplish this by leveraging your existing customer base. Automation lets employees focus on higher-order tasks that support growth.

Parcel forwarding lets you go global without becoming an international shipping expert. Content marketing raises your business' profile online. Since most people begin their search for products and services online, a stronger online presence only helps you.

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