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Top 5 Practical Benefits of a Parcel Forwarding Service

Fed up with the hassle of coordinating shipping for your overseas packaging? There's a simple solution.  Parcel forwarding

No longer will you have to deal with the stress and struggle of getting the products you want without having to pay outlandish shipping fees or dealing with vendors who can't deliver to you.

Package forwarding is a great, convenient service to handle your shipping needs.

Read more to learn the benefits of a parcel forwarding service.

Why Getting U.S. Products with a Parcel Forwarding Service is so Useful

In this day and age, getting U.S. products shouldn't be difficult or incredibly expensive. This is where parcel forwarding services come into play. With their help, you'll get your desired products in your mailbox with as little hassle as possible. You may be a little uncertain about this kind of service. That's okay! Allow us to explain just how useful they are.

How International Customers Can Access U.S. Online Stores


You don't have to miss out on online shopping from U.S. based companies just because you don't live in the states. Knowing what resources are available to international shoppers will help you achieve your shipping goals in no time.

The Expat's Guide To International Shopping Online

Online shopping can allow for worldwide markets to come together, giving both domestic and international consumers exactly what they're looking for. For a safe and successful online shop, be sure to follow these guidelines.

Shipping Horror Stories

Bad shipping stories are easy to find. Need to find more reason to ship with HMHShip? No need to look any further. Here are a few of our (least) favorites.

How Are You Reaching Americans Abroad?

More and more Americans a spending significant amounts of time abroad. For business or pleasure. Temporarily or permanently. Cost effective shipping can help your business reatain them as customers even over seas.

HMHShip has the solutions to help!

Staying Competitive in a Global Marketplace

Knowing how to choose the target marketplace to sell your product while keeping your shipping efficient and low-cost allow you to get a jump start forward on international sales and help you get off on the right foot.